Customer Testimonials

May 12, 2015
Water plays an important role in our daily lives so it is important to have safe, clean and tasty water. We chose Eagle Water Treatment Systems because it provided us with delicious water that was cost-effective in the long term, environmentally friendly and made cleaning easier. We are very satisfied with the quality of washing clothes, dishes, hands and body. We are able to use less product but gain better quality.

Ponviah Balasundarum


May 20, 2015
We installed and Eagle reverse osmosis water system in 2014 because we had 3 year old twins and wanted them to drink healthy, clean water. My husband suffers from chronic gastritis and couldn't even drink bottled water without having stomach problems. Since he started drinking the reverse osmosis water he has not had any stomach issuesand never travels without taking our reverse osmosis water along.

Dawn Casas



April 22, 2015
To whom it may concern ,  
We have enjoyed using the services of our reverse osmosis. The water for drinking tastes great. I like the softening for laundry as well. Service is always great.

Thank you.
Sharon Beeker